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Midi Collection

Some of these are midi's created by Paul for my site. Others have been gathered over the years from other sites. We want to express our extreme gratitude to those very talented folks who created them and give total credit to them. The list is too extensive (plus I don't remember where I got alot of them) to list them. A BIG THANKS TO THOSE "ARTISTS"!

This is the first and only midi by Paul so far. It is very special to me as you can tell. There will be more, so come back and see if there have been additions. Later we will add a list for you to get on so you can be e-mailed about changes.

We have been collecting midis for several years and some of them we just can't remember the correct names for. If you see one that should be corrected, please e-mail Sharon.

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Updated November 24. 2002